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Rushing along will not get you there any faster. Pisces the Fish February March 20 : Venus enters your sign this week and will travel with you until April 5. The subject of relationship will be very important as you travel through this time. If you have issues with a partner, this is the time to lay them out on the table to take a look at how better to deal with them. Negotiate but do not accuse. Everyone has feelings. Aquarius the Water Bearer January February 18 : The more you attempt to hurry, the more rocks in your path.

You might just as well slow the pace and allow things to develop as they will. Sometimes the message. Are you interested in a personal horoscope? Vivian Carol may be reached at for private psychotherapy or astrology appointments fee required. Stuffed to the rafters with furniture, books and family treasures, the house had been a center of local civic activity for over eight decades.

James Whipple became assistant manager for Laura's brother, Bart Thane, in a gold operation in Juneau, Alaska where they lived for 13 wonderful years. After he was injured in a mining accident the couple returned to Niles in and he passed away shortly after their return.

In he was fatally injured in a mining accident. Laura returned home and became one of the first local female real estate agents and a leader in civic and social work.

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Lupe Galvan, her. She commissioned sculptor Mario Chiodo to create the train sculpture on the corner of Mission and Mowry. Her family continues to enhance this visual reminder of days gone by. Snyder's General Store and bank. The railroad bridge is on the left. Lida became actively involved in civic events and was one of the founders of the Country Club of Washington Township in Young Laura Thane, emulating her mother, became a volunteer.

She remembered one incident that happened in From miles around came the people in their fancy buggies and on horseback to attend the outdoor social event of the year on the grounds of the old Overacker Ranch. Some of the cakes sold for as much as 25 cents, the jars of jellies and jams brought a nickel or a dime.

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Laura walked across the bridge and into the store, carrying the money in a cloth bag. Snyder squinted over his small eyeglasses as he counted it. But before he could open the safe, I saw Mr. Snyder stiffen and look out the window. We saw two young cowboys. They were slender and tanned and hungry looking and I felt a chill when they paused briefly to look into Mr.

He sensed the danger, too, and shooed me out and told me to go home quickly.


His safe was broken open and the. For more than a year, teams around the world competed at various regional tournaments and championship rounds.

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At every competing level, a panel of judges reviewed projects based on the level of innovation, practicality, teamwork and presentation. Team Tacobots is tackling the environmental issue of battery disposal and e-waste with its Smart Trash solution. Toxic compounds from the e-waste such as lead and mercury are harmful pollutants and can impact the air and water quality. Louis, Missouri. Tacobots is one of the youngest teams ever to win the Northern California Regional Tournament for their Smart Trash robotic innovation that helps the environment by properly sorting electronic waste e-waste.

Team Tacobots will represent Northern California at the championships that will host teams from 46 countries. A group of students from 4th6th grades of the Mission San Jose Elementary School formed Tacobots for their shared love of technology, the environment and. It was divided into six townships:.

The next day Laura received a message from Mr. Snyder, summoning her to his store. His head was bandaged but when he saw her he began to laugh. Laura Thane and football star, James Ray Whipple, graduated. Laney from the Atherton Auction Studio began auctioning off the contents of the house on March 31, at a.

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Most everything that Laura Thane Whipple owned was sold and scattered, but her legacy lives on. I became active in civic and youth activities to which I devoted my life. I learned, too, that what you feed into life comes back to you in great abundance. That if you can do any little thing - as you pass this way but once — do it now. Recycling Facility MRF. With this project, Tacobots wants to raise consumer awareness about the impact of e-waste in the landfills.

The students also hope that electronic manufacturers, RFID manufacturers, and waste management companies will work together just as they did to solve this problem. Tacobots are an inspiration to other students. I am very proud of this team as they have shown the results that can be achieved by working together as a team. This experience will bring lasting memories as they mold into future innovators. Now it is comprised of Fremont, Newark and Union City. In the county seat was Alvarado.

In it moved to San Leandro until an earthquake in The county seat then moved to the town of Brooklyn, now part of Oakland, which has been the county seat since The Climate Action Plan provides a roadmap for reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by Environmental Protection Agency named Fremont a Green Power Partner for supplying more than 10 percent of municipal energy usage with renewable energy.

This amounts to approximately 25 million kilowatt-hours of local carbon-free electricity generation each year. The City of Fremont wants to help property owners care for their street trees. Healthy street trees beautify our entire city and are typically located between the curb and sidewalk. The Street Tree Program provides the opportunity for the City to partner with property owners to help remove and replace permitted trees. For many years, the City maintained street trees on behalf of property owners.

In , due to significant budget and staffing cuts, the responsibility for maintaining street trees was returned to property owners.

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All Fremont property owners with an approved free Street Tree Removal. The City of Fremont has always maintained the belief that every community deserves to have a central downtown where visitors and residents alike can come together to connect, communicate, and celebrate. A critical component of these Downtown efforts includes the development of a Civic Center.

Planning of the new Civic Center plaza is currently underway. The design goals for the plaza are to create a space that will accommodate a variety of events and activities for the community. Fremont would like to know what type of programs and events residents want to see in the plaza in order to create a lively public space for the community to enjoy. To share your input, visit Fremont Open City Hall, our online forum for civic engagement, at www. What if your home could be more comfortable, more energy efficient, and save you money?

Would you make the upgrade? Would you know how to begin? Sometimes it can be hard to decide where to start. Is your upgrade a small project or a major remodel? Should you use different products and approaches depending on the scale of your upgrade? If so, which ones?

On Tuesday, March 15 from p. Sign up for the Fremont Green Home Workshop at www. Permit are eligible for the Street Tree Program. All tree work must be completed by a City approved tree contractor.


The property owner will receive their reimbursement after completion of the work and submission of proof of payment. Please note that the Street Tree Program does not include tree pruning, maintenance activities, or trees removed and replaced as part of development applications or building permits.