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They hate to be kept waiting and become very impatient over the smallest of delays. The Dragon holds much faith in their abilities, this can sometimes make them a bit over confident which can sometimes lead them to make bad judgements, this can be a big problem at times but the Dragon has the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces again.

The Dragon will often go very far in their career, this is due to the fact that they have a very self-assured personality and have a tremendous desire to be successful. They have substantial management qualities and will do very well in a position where they can put their own ideas into play. They love to feel self sufficient and there are many Dragons who cherish their independence to such a level that they prefer to remain single throughout their lives. The Dragon will be adored by many people in their lifetime as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and outstanding looks.

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I recently went to work for one of the largest decorative arts businesses in the country. We have done too many projects to mention, among them 40 of the 50 State Capitals. In the 3 months that I have been working, I have worked with about 20 co-workers. That seems like more than coincidence to me. Everything is spot on except the gullible thing as no one can fool me. Notify me when new comments are added.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and are enjoying your day. Sometimes when you work with colleagues, you are inevitably have some subjective emotions. Pay attention to handle your own private affairs. In terms of wealth, you may spend some money for family and friends, but it's within your tolerance. You may have part-time job opportunities on weekends. It's a good chance to play your skills. Since Dragon and Dog conflict with each other, people under the Dragon sign will conflict with Tai Sui in , year of the Dog. But this is not Extremely Weak birth chart. The Day Master represents the person.

Water is the Parent star. Companion and Parent star are supporting elements to Day Master. Money, Career and Fame stars are enemy to Day Master. The strength of Day Master, Companion star and Parent star determines the strength of the birth chart style.

Chinese astrology Bazi

Spring Yang-Wood has good support from Wood. Two Dragons are in the Earth group.

Horse is in the Fire group. There is no Mother Element in the birth chart. The only supporting element is Rabbit Wood. The Pig year favors cooperation and some leniency and tolerance. These themes vibe well with the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit active most of the year, which is celebratory, good-hearted, and moral.

The Earth Pig has the potential of lovely fertility, although since Pig is naturally Water, there can be some mud! We may be battling some excessive emotionality or inertia at times in The year favors those who are willing to enjoy themselves and cooperate with others, but who also keep their feet on the ground.

The year favored getting organized, putting in the hours, and saving; and was good for showing some loyalty and gunning for stability. The year also reduces to a 3, making the symbolism of the numbers 12 and 3 particularly powerful this year see also Numerology. This is a time of reaching out, socializing, and exploring.

Chinese Zodiac - Green Dragon Born in Rabbit Month

Opportunities for playtime are greater than usual, and expressing creativity comes naturally. We should watch for scattering our energies. The last Pig year was year cycle. The last Earth Pig year was year cycle. Events occurring this year can bear some similarities to these years in history. Earth soaks up Water and can produce mud, or it blocks its flow, producing a slightly difficult relationship, but overall, the year is expected to be a decent one.

With Earth, there is stability, dedication, loyalty, and steadfastness. However, there can be laziness and stubbornness, as well as a fear of change on the challenging side.

Fortunately, Water helps with these latter traits. Water coordinates and mediates, helping to bring people and things together. There is good energy, generally speaking, for money this year, although there is a real tendency to overspend and overindulge. In the Year of the Pig, we seek to cooperate, get along, and enjoy yourselves.

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There is no shortage of creative ideas, optimism, and giving one another the benefit of the doubt. While duty and responsibility were in focus last year, this is a time for loosening up or winding down, at least a little. The patient and peace-seeking are favored, although we can easily overindulge at times this year. As the 12th and last sign, this is the time for enjoying the rewards of previous years, but it is a mostly good year in and of itself.

There appears to be less of a gap between generations in the Year of the Pig. Snake is least favored this year. However, this is general and based on the year of birth only — the full picture comes with the addition of the month, day, and hour. In terms of how each Chinese Zodiac sign will fare in the Year of the Pig, a major consideration is how compatible your sign is with the Pig sign :.

However, because the year is Earth, and Water and Earth can produce mud, there can be some feeling of being blocked. Moderation, patience, and going slow is the solution. Another important consideration is your Element. Wood destroys Earth and Earth destroys Water.

Characteristics of the Wood Dragon

Generally speaking, this is a time for quiet but fun and interesting dates and relationships. The year is also a Yin year, and this, too, favors laying low, taking it easy, receiving, and observing or attracting. Pigs seek fun, happiness, and peace, making these qualities particularly attractive, in general, in the Year of the Pig.

Pig and Tiger are attracted, such that Tiger can fare particularly well in the romantic department in Yin Earth is attracted to Yang Water, suggesting Rat does quite well in the love and sex departments this year. Dragon is in particularly good shape for romantic relationships and people luck, in general, this year.

Year of the Dragon: Horoscope (Zodiac Dragon Fortune & Personality) – Chinese New Year

Find out here: Understanding Chinese Astrology: Introduction. Please note that the year of your birth is not the only factor involved in your Chinese horoscope for any given year. Your month, day, and hour also have associated elements and animals.